The benefits of the Recruiter Accreditation Scheme


The Scheme was designed to address two aims:

  • Provide recognition for professional and competent recruiters
  • Address quality concerns about some recruitment practices

As such the scheme should benefit both recruiters and research.


For recruiters it aims to provide:

  • Professional recognition
  • Professional status  
  • A pathway into the profession for new recruiters
  • Positive discrimination for accredited recruiters
  • Differentiation from ‘poor’ practice and practitioners
  • Improved understanding of difficulties facing recruiters  
  • Better qualitative recruitment briefs


For research it aims to provide:

  • Access to qualified recruiter practitioners
  • Assurance of quality recruitment
  • Improved recruitment practices across the supply-chain
  • Assurance that legal & Code requirements are being met
  • Improved confidence in the research supply chain
  • Better qualitative recruitment
  • Re-assessment and appreciation of the difficulties facing qualitative recruiters