The benefits of the Recruiter Accreditation Scheme


The Scheme was designed to address two aims:

  • Provide recognition for professional and competent recruiters
  • Address quality concerns about some recruitment practices

As such the scheme should benefit both recruiters and research.

As experienced recruiters we found the course very informative and worthwhile. The world of research is constantly changing and as recruiters we have to make sure we are aware of, up-to-date with and adapt to these changes.
RAS Accreditation means that clients can see that we are competent recruiters who they can trust with their fieldwork needs.
We strongly feel that RAS Accreditation is needed across the research industry – and relieved that we passed with a Distinction!!
Mandy Tinnion
First for Fieldwork

For recruiters it aims to provide:

  • Professional recognition
  • Professional status  
  • A pathway into the profession for new recruiters
  • Positive discrimination for accredited recruiters
  • Differentiation from ‘poor’ practice and practitioners
  • Improved understanding of difficulties facing recruiters  
  • Better qualitative recruitment briefs


For research it aims to provide:

  • Access to qualified recruiter practitioners
  • Assurance of quality recruitment
  • Improved recruitment practices across the supply-chain
  • Assurance that legal & Code requirements are being met
  • Improved confidence in the research supply chain
  • Better qualitative recruitment
  • Re-assessment and appreciation of the difficulties facing qualitative recruiters