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Recording Calls

It is legal to record calls as long as certain criteria are met. Where you are able to identify either party involved in the call you must do the following: inform the other party that recording is planned and how the recording will be used; obtain their permission for the call to be recorded; and ensure that any recorded participant data is kept in a secure location and is retrievable and accessible if requested by a data subject.

To meet the minimum informed consent requirements when collecting recorded personal data you must supply the following information:

  • data controller(s) identity (which might be you, the research agency or the client - or a combination of all three of you) and contact details for the controller/s –research agency and client where joint controllers and preferably allowing for different channels of communication (e.g. phone, email and postal address)
  • purpose of each processing activity that the recorded data will be used for
  • existence of the right to withdraw consent from recording
  • data transfers to third countries if this applies
  • how long data will be kept

A schedule for deleting recorded calls should be part of your data retention, deletion and security procedures.