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Additional Recruitment Services

As a recruiter you may be asked to do additional tasks or provide services apart from recruiting participants. You may be willing to do these but should cost for them separately. There are some requirements that arise from additional requirements and some potential pitfalls you should be aware of:

  •  Recommend venues. You can suggest venues that you have used before but it is the client’s responsibility to make sure that they are suitable for their purposes including any proposed research activities.
  • Book venues. It is advisable for the client to book venues. If you book a venue in your name you may be liable for payment.
  • Provide incentives. Incentives should be provided by your client. If you agree to provide the incentives you should agree a handling fee with the client, typically between 10%-20% of the total of the incentives.   
  • Note-taking.  This is usually charged at the same rate as the incentive for a session. If for example the payment for a note-taker for a two hour group is £50 you should receive the same payment terms. Notes are usually input straight onto a laptop and should be available to the moderator at the end of the session.
  •  Be a waitress. If a client wants help with a tasting session e.g.  administering samples, clearing away, etc. you should agree a cost for this service.
  • Childminding for participants’ children whilst in a research session.  Recruiters are not recommended to offer childminding services unless they are suitably qualified and have all the necessary legal checks in place.
  • Cooking and food preparation. There are strict food safety requirements about the preparation of food